Vodafone transforming itself into a Digital Tech Company.

Vodafone is migrating its data analytics platform to Google’s cloud infrastructure, this action is going to allow the operator to help from more detailed, rapid insights which will optimize its networks and customer support.

Both parties are going to work in concert on the development of Vodafone Neuron – a customized real-time data analytics platform that gathers data from over 600 servers in 11 countries into a single repository.

As soon as completed, Neuron is going to allow management to make much more informed decisions and take automated measures that improve the level of service, minimize costs, and increase revenues.

  • Vodafone to make first-gigabit connection.
  • Virgin ditches EE for Vodafone.
  • Vodafone’s first 5G fiber bundle.

For example, it might automatically assign much more capacity in busy areas of the network, assistance Vodafone’s 5G system, or perhaps instantly push offers to customers when they’re very probable to make purchases. Currently, Vodafone’s data platform is hosted on legacy Hadoop architecture. Google cloud tools are migrated straight into the platform to facilitate a mass migration of data.

“Neuron serves as the basis for Vodafone’s data ocean and the brains of the business as we change ourselves into a digital tech company,” stated Simon Harris, Group Head of Big Data Delivery at Vodafone.

“Not only can we be in a position in order to acquire real-time analytics capabilities across Vodafone products and services, it’ll additionally allow us in order to show up at insights more quickly, which may then be applied to provide much more personalized product offerings to clients and to increase the bar of service.”

In a different announcement, Vodafone Business has attached a major worldwide partnership with Ryanair. The 7-year agreement is going to see Vodafone change the airline’s infrastructure trough the usage of cyber-security technologies, IoT, SD-WAN, unified communications, and cloud.

This can support over 300 Ryanair cites in 40 nations, addressing 153 million passengers, and can touch every phase of the consumer journey. This involves web booking, boarding, in-flight transactions, instruction centers, workplaces, and information centers. Ryanair probably has 20,000 IoT connections and can be in a position to include a new website in 10 days together with the arrangement.

“This extended partnership with Vodafone is going to provide us the technical support to allow us to make changes seamlessly and quickly, such as migration to a new wide area network which will allow Ryanair to be more agile in its connectivity,” stated John Hurley, Ryanair CTO.

Finally, better to house, Vodafone UK has arrived at a 5-year extension to its understanding with re-seller Olive Communications, addressing 5G, IoT and landline services.

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