Telangana to concentrate on bringing in Global In-house Centers: Jayesh Ranjan

Telangana has set all its guns straight upon in keeping the momentum in IT going. Recently, It Principal Secretary of the state has issued a statement wherein the heavy focus is now on tapping the Global In-house centers or GICs.

As per a report in a state locale, Telangana today,

“GICs are offshore centers with a mandate to do set functions or roles that include research and development, analytics, automation, IT management and development services”.

GICs are actually offshore centers having the mandate to complete set functions or maybe roles which include development and research, analytics, automation, IT development and management services to the parent businesses. GICs even concentrate on skilling personnel to meet demand found AI, cloud computing as well as information science. These centers tap community talent pool for roles offered to them what about the process aid in price savings for all the enterprises. GICs, also described as captive centers, are increasing in number. Hyderabad probably features the presence of several big GICs.

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