Seamless creation makes HikeMoji unique.

AI-led unicorn Hike an instant messaging app has launched avatars with HikeMoji. The app says HikeMoji is a remarkably personal way for users to take their funniest, expressive selves on the internet. With more than 1000+ hairstyles, facial features, bindis, local clothing, nose pins, and several other options, users are able to make their own HikeMoji, adds Hike.

To beginning with, subscribers will also get 100+ exclusive stickers of the HikeMoji at the 7 regional languages offered along with English and Hindi. “With this, HikeMoji becomes the 1st and only Indian hyperlocal avatar which is customizable with local languages and components,” adds Hike.

In a statement Hike mentioned, “Seamless creation makes HikeMoji unique. Users can take selfies on the Hike Sticker Chat app, that is converted into a base HikeMoji in addition to which people can easily start customizing their HikeMoji. The HikeMoji could be personalized with more than 1000+ components some of which are hyperlocal built specifically for the Indian users. The next thing that stands out is the hyperlocal stickers. After the HikeMoji is prepared, the app immediately creates 100+ premium HikeMoji Stickers are available to users depending on their chosen language. The HikeMoji Stickers are available in 7 regional languages including English and Hindi. These stickers abe being seamlessly shared across social media platforms,”

Benefits of using HikeMoji Stickers

  1. Users are able to create their own HikeMoji and access premium HikeMoji Stickers of themselves on Hike Sticker Chat app available for download on the Google Play and the App Store.
  2. Launched around beta, the function is going to be quickly enhanced with new builds shipping out every few weeks.
  3. Along with getting their HikeMoji Stickers in Hindi and English, subscribers are able to pick from 7 various other regional languages – Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu.
  4. When users create their HikeMoji, they receive access to 100+ premium HikeMoji Stickers, to begin with across 7 regional languages including English and Hindi.
  5. Users have 1000+ components integrating hyperlocal accessories, hairstyles, clothing, and other things. The artwork of HikeMoji is customized to have a local flavor.
  6. Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networks make it possible for Hike to browse around 100 trillion combinations of facial shape and style options to develop a HikeMoji and HikeMoji Stickers reflecting the user’s appearance in seconds.
  7. HikeMoji Stickers are seamlessly shared across social media platforms
  8. Machine Learning(Ml) and Natural Language Processing NLP) additionally play a major role in enabling people to easily get their HikeMoji Stickers.

“Behind the scenes, all of these comes to life by using Machine Learning. It is at the intersection of the two ML and Art that we are in a position to bring unique and novel experiences to life. These days, we are launching the 1st edition to the market and are excited to build this foundation.”

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