Instagram takes a huge step by testing Hiding “Likes”

Instagram is making a considerable move: It’s dropping “likes” coming from the most popular photo and video sharing app for some users in an ambitious test.
You can see the total number of likes on your posts, but you cannot see others “likes” a step which Instagram has taken and Instagram head “Adam Mosseri” said is meant to “depressurize Instagram for younger people.”
In case you cannot see likes on other users’ posts, you will not feel bad that your posts have fewer likes than theirs. “We are likely to make such decisions that hurt the company in case they assist people’s well being and health,” Mosseri stated at Wired25 in mid-November.
But that explanation is not the full story, based on a new CNBC report. Apparently, Facebook’s growth & data science teams think that hiding likes might really increase user engagement.
In short: Without likes, users might post more.
More than simply posting more often, the concept is, people will stay active with for a longer time, thus consequently, boosting Facebook’s prospective ad revenue from Instagram.
Although Mosseri has recognized the possibility of this effect before, the reason for removing likes offered by Instagram has repeatedly focused on attempts to come up with the platform less toxic.
“It’s about younger people,” Mosseri stated at Wired25 in mid-November. “The plan is trying and depressurize Instagram, help make it much more of a match, give users much more room to concentrate on connecting with the people they love, the things which inspire them. Though it is mainly focused on younger people.”
For now, it is simply a test, and the business has not announced more official plans for a long-lasting change. Even still, there is already been just one unintended consequence: Instagram’s many useful users – celebrities and influencers – are threatening to leave in case the platform removes likes.
Mosseri has recognized that the change might have various other effects, like increasing user engagement, but that is not the main reason, he stated.
“It’ll probably affect the engagement of the users on Instagram and posting a little more,” Mosseri stated on Twitter, “but the main reason is we are learning how this affects user’s feeling.”

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