To extend Data Analytics in genomics, BC Platforms has collaborated with IQVIA

BC Platforms, a global leader in genomic data management and analytics, today announced it’s closed a USD $15 million financings round alongside new commercial cooperation with IQVIA™. The round was led by IQVIA in conjunction with Debiopharm Innovation Fund and Tesi, Finnish business capital and private equity business. As part of the collaboration, IQVIA and BC Platforms plan to release new data-driven technologies, integrating sophisticated clinical and genomic data, to help transformational research.

IQVIA and BC Platforms possess a shared vision to create world-leading analytics platforms to allow the pharmaceutical industry’s improvements in precision medicine, improving the effectiveness of drug development and patient results. BC Platforms technology is going to enhance IQVIA’s E360™ Genomics – a scalable, privacy-preserving genotypic-phenotypic database solution – in supporting a federated data network of genomic associated analytics build to protect patient privacy.

BC Platforms are going to use the fundraising proceeds to grow its worldwide community of clinical and genomics data, driving novel automatic solutions to pharmaceutical companies. To date, the business has proven partnerships with roughly 100 enterprise-level healthcare systems and bio-banks globally in 25 nations and has just recently developed an entity in Singapore to spearhead its increasing activities in Asia.

“Commercial collaboration and this funding can help accelerate the growth in serving healthcare and Life Science customers and connecting data partners in a worldwide, interoperable federated network,” said Tero Silvola, CEO at BC Platforms.

Rob Kotchie, President, Real-world Solution, IQVIA, said: “Drawing insights via integrated clinical-genomics data is a growing demand for our life science and healthcare customers. Through the mixture of BC Platforms systems – that automates the workflow out of genomic instruments to actionable insights – with IQVIAs top real-world technologies platform, we are able to allow buyers to carry out novel research and find out new insights to analytical healthcare.”

Tom Gibbs, Director at Debiopharm, commented: “We are devoted supporters of innovation and think that digital health and data accessibility are likely to be the main drivers of upcoming healthcare research and growth. We’re thrilled to be supporting BC Platforms, a leader in the area of genomic data management, in the next phase of the expansion and are excited by the possibility of this collaboration with IQVIA.”

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