On 7th December a Research unit was Artificial Intelligence, Information Teahnology, Robotics, and the Law: NUS Law

The new Centre for Technology, Robotics, The Law(TRAIL) and artificial intelligence, and a research unit under the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law(NUS Law), was released on 7th Dec by Mr. Edwin Tong, Senior Minister of State for Health and Law, during the 8th Asian Privacy Scholars Network(APSN) Conference.

Leveraging NUS Law’s preeminent is amongst the best law schools in the world, TRAIL aspires to become a worldwide think-tank that enables interdisciplinary communities to study into legal, honest, policy, regulatory and philosophical issues connected with the use and improvement of info technology(IT), artificial intelligence(AI), data analytics and robotics in the process of law. The Centre plans to carry out research directly into the interactions between technology and also the law in a far more integrated and alternative way.

TRAIL also seeks to make a community forum for non-legal and legal scholars interested in several areas of technology law, to collaborate and advance interdisciplinary research.

Speaking with the APSN Conference, Senior Minister of State Mr. Tong stated, “The more and more fast speed of technological advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, Iot, and autonomous vehicles means the law has to react more rapidly. The launch of TRAIL these days indicates the dedication of Asia’s major law school to investigate excellence, and I’m confident that the center is able to work with diverse partners globally and locally to generate valuable legal solutions and policies which benefit society.”

TRAIL is led by NUS Law academic staff members Associate Professor Daniel Seng as the Centre’s Director. He’s assisted by 2 Deputy Directors – Associate Professor Chang Ee-Chien from NUS School of Computing and Professor David Tan from NUS Law.

Associate Professor Daniel Seng, Director of TRAIL, stated, “Never before has a lot of facets of technology, which range from robotics to bioinformatics to AI, promised to influence society as profoundly. TRAIL seeks to add towards the discussion on just how we harness and incorporate technology, in an equitable and useful way, into the society and our process of law. Additionally, TRAIL intends to safety belt technologies, for example, natural language processing, and data analytics to help us realize legal issues better and improve the laws and social policies. Ultimately, we wish to produce a fairer plus more responsive legal system for the new technology era.”

The Centre’s present activities include doing research into the regulation and deployment of AI, and also privacy and analyzing data safety issues from the perspectives of law and computer science. Researchers at the Centre will even analyze the ethical and legal issues surrounding biotechnology, which includes medical ethics. In order to grow its investigation links, TRAIL will probably be collaborating with international investigation centers to further interdisciplinary research in, and the development of standards, possible guidelines, and answers to such problems.

The Centre has currently signed co-operation agreements using the Centre for Media and Communications Law also as Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia on the Melbourne Law School, along with the Technology and Law  Centre at the University of Hong Kong.

The 8th APSN Conference is the first worldwide symposium organized by TRAIL, in partnership using the EW Barker Centre for Business and Law. The design for this year’s seminar is “Privacy, Confidence & Data Protection during the 21st Century” plus it takes in concert near to 100 scholars and practitioners from Australia and Asia to discuss contemporary issues associated with intrusion of privacy, the breach of self-confidence action and data safety legislation, and other things.

The Secretary on the APSN, Professor Anne Cheung in the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, commented: “We are very honored to be the very first international symposium which TRAIL is hosting. Privacy in the digital economic climate is of common relevance to other countries and I’m happy to discover TRAIL putting privacy on its research agenda.”

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